We are about to get in the car and head down to France, Germany and Italy. We will catch a few stages of the Tour de France, and then spend 10 days in Freiburg, where Sarah used to live. We also plan to spend a day or two in my old stomping grounds of Tübingen.

Finally we are heading down to Lake Como in Italy. We are meeting our friend Laura for a week of beautiful walks, and delicious food.

Along the way, I will post some pictures here. I also plan to visit some nice wineries and brew pubs and write a few articles for my new project: Drink!

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  • Joyce

    Heya Geoffrey! Miss your voice, too. And want to pop a cork with the 3 of you soon. Any location suggestions for an impromptu rendezvous? FF or Last minute deals would work. Life feels precious and short today. I’ll pop $1000 plus th e bottle to make us fly. LOVE you guys lots! Hope you are having a blast.

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