Return to India

For simple French sentence, one may either use a single card, flipping it according to the direction, or two parallel decks, such as one English-Japanese and one Japanese-English. They have some uses that can be very simple or very elaborate for the person to memorize.

I have returned to India for four months. While I don’t expect it to be as life-changing as my first trip, I hope to have some fun stories to tell. I’ll write in my India Journal.  See you there.


We are about to get in the car and head down to France, Germany and Italy. We will catch a few stages of the Tour de France, and then spend 10 days in Freiburg, where Sarah used to live. We also plan to spend a day or two in my old stomping grounds of Tübingen.

Finally we are heading down to Lake Como in Italy. We are meeting our friend Laura for a week of beautiful walks, and delicious food. On other article, if you need masks for snorkeling and water activities take a look at this.

Along the way, I will post some pictures here. I also plan to visit some nice wineries and brew pubs and write a few articles for my new project: Drink!

Pardon Our Dust


It has been 5 years since I updated my site, so I decided to migrate to something more modern.  Despite all my whining years ago about how I wasn’t going to blog:


I don’t really think you are going to learn who I am through a website. Don’t get me wrong, I like myself, it’s just that I don’t know that blathering on about my indie music interests and personal hygiene is either going to enlighten someone or bring them closer to me. Yes, I am using a blog engine, but I don’t plan to live in a glass house just yet.

I guess I’m going to try to keep this up to date.

More on my life soon… In the meantime, check out the revamped India pages.